Shed 11, Muaiwalu Complex, Rona Street, Walu Bay | SUVA, FIJI

Slipway profile

South Sea Slipway Ltd operates Suva's largest covered slipway.

If your vessel requires the services of a professionally run slipway, contact us today, where every day is a work day!

  • We slip vessels with a maximum weight of 320 tonnes
  • Cradle length of 37.5m (block to block)
  • Maximum breadth 9.5m
  • Maximum Draft 3.8m
  • Managed docking of vessels berthage
  • Professional affordable Engineering services
  • Specialist Longline Tuna vessel project management and consulting
  • Sea Tow Services X- Suva
  • Strict security and privacy

South Sea Slipway Ltd is owned and operated by vessel owners and experienced engineers who know the importance of having the job done right, and on time.

Like you, we understand what lost sea time costs your vessel and your business.

Slipway Bookings

Please contact us to book your vessel in for servicing.

Slipway Services

  • Slipping only
  • Bethage
  • Water Blasting
  • Sand Blasting
  • Painting
  • Engineering
  • Electrical
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Security

If you have other specialised requirements, please contact us today to discuss your needs. We have access to a wide range of marine services.

Marine Engineering Services

  • Damage survey and repair
  • Servicing and repairs to ship's Propulsion and Steering Systems
  • Alignment of Ships Propulsion and Steering Systems
  • Re-conditioning of Ships Propellers including Pitch and Balancing
  • Machining of Marine and Industrial Bearings, eg. Thordon, Tofnol, White-Metal, Bronze
  • Valve rebuild and repair
  • Diesel engine repair and servicing
  • Servicing of Pumps and Replacement
  • Steel renewal repair
  • Steel Fabrication and replacement
  • Rolling of Plates up to 6mm
  • Bending of Pipes and Freezer Coils

Our team of Welders and Engineers have experience in works that include Factory Shutdown for Annual Maintenance, Fabrication of Fuel Tanks up to 50,000 litres, Building of Hoppers and Extensive experience in the Maritime Sector.

Slipway Conditions

Conditions for the use of slipping, berthage, and associated facilities.

Click here to download a PDF of our terms & conditions.

Slipway Charges

All prices in Fiji Dollars.

VEP amount
VIP amount
Berthage charges
per day
(Per day for v/l's >25m LOA
V/l's <25m LOA by arrangement)
Daily Slipping charges
per day
per day
Up & down charges
per day
Power & equipment
63 amps
per day
32 amps
per day
10 amps
per day
shore power connection
per time
Fire & hose connect
per day
Connection & disconnect
per time
Freshwater supply
per time
Connection & disconnect
per time
per cubic metre (local)
per cubic metre
per cubic metre (foreign)
per cubic metre
Garbage disposal
Clean up (penalty rate)
per hour
A frame scaffolds
per day
per day
per day

Repair, Berth and Slipway

VAT exclusive
Vessels requiring berth
$8.50 per meter LOA per day
Fire hose and connection hose
$37.00 per day
Connection & Disconnection Fee
$35.00 per time
Security watchman extra security upon request
$62.00 per day per man
Power & Equipment
3Ø 63amps $194/day
3Ø 32amps $98/day
3Ø 10amps $12/day
Shore power connection
$35.00 per time
Shore power transformer 3Ø 63amps 220v
Fresh water supply hose
$37.00 per time
Connection & Disconnection Fee
Per Cubic meter (Local)
$1.23 per m³
Per Cubic meter (overseas vessel)
$3.68 per m³
Garbage disposal per skip
Clean up (Penalty rate) - Rate per man per hour
$18.50 per hour
‘A’ Frame Scaffolds – we don’t have
$50.00 per day
Gangway - we don’t have
$30.00 per day
Ladders - we don’t have
$8.00 per day

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